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Kobelco Research Institute, Inc. began operation in 1979 as a comprehensive testing and research firm that separated analysis and testing work from Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Since then, we have used a wealth of accumulated technologies and expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to meet customer needs in a broad array of industries including energy, automotive, environmental, electronics, and civil works/construction.

Kobelco Research is equipped with facilities to analyze, test, and measure materials, structures, and other items for prototyping and production; manufacture thin-film target materials; and design and fabricate semiconductor test systems. Kobelco Research also offers solution services and technically intensive products and systems designed to meet individual customer needs. In these respects, Kobelco Research is a unique research support firm.

Now as Japan seeks to emerge as the world’s leading technology-creating country, our efforts are focused on enhancing technical strength and developing new products.

Kobelco Research also has the outstanding personnel and latest facilities and technologies to meet the changes and needs of the times. By supporting your research and development, production technology, and other needs, our hope is to contribute to society at large.

Issue-resolution and problem-solving of all types through analysis, testing, and measurement also requires a fulfillment of trust, which is why we pledge sincerely to provide that extra level of support.

Representative Director and President
Toshiya Miyake

Toshiya Miyake